Wooden Furniture: Things to Consider

o   With changing times and fashion trends, furniture has been crafted in different materials like foam and fabric, metal and plastic. But the first choice for most people all around the globe has always been the one and only- teak wood. 

o   Teak wood furniture exude luxury, royalty and style from every corner. The honey brown glow and intricate craft work, which are the characteristic features of teak wood furniture, add unparalleled beauty and class to them and your personality and lifestyle. They also possess a unique aroma that soothes senses as soon as one comes close to them.

o   Undoubtedly, they are a little more expensive than the other kinds but they are also the most durable and long lasting of all. But one time investment in teak wood furniture would mean a life long investment. With hardly any maintenance efforts, they retain their shine and color, never get infected by insects and never rot. These qualities make them particularly perfect for garden furniture pieces including benches, tables, chairs, tea table sets, steamers and loungers and traditional memorial seats.
o   Teakwood furniture, are also the best representation of vintage furniture. Anyone who is interested in giving an age old, vintage and rustic look to one's home, teakwood furniture would be the most suitable choice as far as the furniture is concerned.
o   Though wood furniture is popular these days, extreme caution should be observed by buyers. This is due to certain dealers, who sell fakes, which have emerged in the market. So as a general rule, when you are looking for wood furniture, consider the heavy ones. Heavier wood furniture guarantees better quality and strength. You will know it is genuine if it has a considerable weight.
o   Aside from the weight, one would also want to consider doing a thorough examination of their wooden furniture piece before buying it. One might be surprised to know that some pieces actually have bruises, cuts, protruding nails and other defects when you examine it. So to avoid buying these kinds of pieces, try to gently run hand through the surface of the furniture. In this way, one will be able to detect any flaws in the finishing of the furniture.

o   On the other hand, if in the furniture has a minor flaw that can be corrected easily, one can ask their dealer for an extra discount. More often than not, dealers would want to have a new customer and also preserve their reputation.

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